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Former Members

Kate Higgins

Kate earned her PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from University of Tennessee – Knoxville. She earned both a degree in Physics and German at Carleton College before joining UTK. Her research in Ahmadi Research Lab is two-fold; One project focuses on materials discovery using automated processes and machine learning. The other focuses on the growth of single crystals for radiation sensing applications.

Dohyung Kim

Dr. Dohyung Kim is a postdoctoral research associate at Argonne National Laboratory. He worked as a post-doctoral researcher in Ahmadi Research Lab from 2019-2021. Dr. Kim received his doctoral degree in Materials Sciences and Engineering (MSE) at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) of Sydney in Australia in 2019.

Amanda Heimbrook

Amanda graduated with her Master’s Degree from UTK. She graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor’s degree in materials science and engineering. Her research at Ahmadi Research Lab focused on hybrid organic inorganic perovskites for electronic applications, thin films, and quantum dots. Amanda is currently pursuing her PhD at Duke University.

Anna Carlton Maddox


Our summer intern, Anna Maddox, from Webb high school is being trained on perovskite thin films and single crystals synthesis. Anna is currently a senior at Webb School of Knoxville. Working with Dr. Ahmadi provided her with valuable lab experience. Working with compounds such as perovskites also inspired her to pursue a career in STEM. Anna plans to attend college next year for biomedical or chemical engineering.