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Labs and Facilities

AHMADI Research Lab. is on the 2nd floor at the Institute for Advanced Materials & Manufacturing (IAMM):

AHMADI’s Lab at a Panoramic Glance
Glove-Box with a Built-in Thermal Evaporator
View Upon Entering the Synthesis Lab.
Pipetting Robot Glove-Box on the Left
Advanced Protocol Heating and Drying Oven
Image Reader for Optical Analysis
External Bias Set-Up Integrated with Atomic Force Microscopy on Solar Device
Asylum Research AFM Head Staging on its Sample-holder
Perovskite thin-films (varying thicknesses)
3D MHP with +/- electrodes
Tin-based Single Crystals (powdered for analysis)
Sample preparation for X-Ray Diffraction
XRD located on IAMM’s 2nd Floor